Unlimited adventure - 500km range

120 kW

160 hp

Maximum engine power

92 l

24 GAL(US)

Fuel capacity

195 km/h

105 KIAS

Maximum speed

320 kg

705 lbs


Sport Edition


Rotax 912 UL+T ( 120 Hp ), DMP propeller, Gyrotech rotor system, pneumatic rotor trim, EMS/EFIS Kanardia Aetos 7" display, Radio KRT2,  2 x window, position lights, adjustable pedals, anatomic-comfort and adjustable seats, armrest uphlostery with storage space, leather grip control stick, white colour WRAP foil

Comfort Edition


Sport + Rotax 915 IS (141 hp), Radio Trig TY91, ASI, ALT, VSI, Compass, Lockable box, Travel bag, Smoked plexiglass, Sun visor, Flock interior, Paint - RAL

Platinum Edition


Sport + Rotax 916 IS (160 hp), Nesis lll 7" display, Radio Trig TY91, Transponder TT21, ASI, ALT, VSI, Compass, Lockable box, Cabin upholstery - car leatherette / leather / alcantara, Fire extingusher, Travel bag, Baggage compartment under the seat, Landing lights, Smoked plexiglass, Heating, Sun visor, Protective cover of propeller, Body cover, Paint - Metalic

How it works?

The rotor of the gyroplane is your wing.

That wing produces a lift.
The engine powers the propeller, thus creating the forward motion.

Watch and whirl.

Benefits of NISUS Gyroplane

Easy piloting.
Short take-off and landing.
All weather aircraft.
Low usage and maintenance cost.

Our vision

NISUS used as a world class “hop on and fly¨ solution for successful, “thrill" and comfort searching professionals. NISUS to monitor state borders, various industry pipelines, surveillance controls.

Our mission

Urban mobility.

Flying made easy.

Affordable personal aircraft.

Introducing NISUS, a personal aircraft combining recreational and professional flying.

Taking off from the history that started a hundred years ago and continues till today, gyroplane is the first and the easiest aircraft to pilot ever designed.

Used in the past by individuals such as, Bata, these visionaries looked for a means of transport that would represent, speed, safety and comfort, NISUS offers all that, plus unlimited adventure.

Besides being universal, gyroplanes are machines that never stall...simply put, that never fall.

What do we mean? Watch and whirl.

Anatomic-comfort seats

Cockpit interior and adjustable pedals

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

Leonardo Da Vinci

Technical data of gyroplane NISUS

Length × width × height4750 mm x 1900 mm x 2700 mm - cabin width 1300 mm
Cruise speed130-160 km/h (70-86 KIAS)
Maximum speed195 km/h (105 KIAS)
Minimum speed30 km/h (16 KIAS)
EngineRotax 915IS Turbo st (141 Hp)
RotorGyrotech 8500 mm
Fuel tank capacity92 l ( 2 x 46 l ) or 24 GAL(US)
Frame Chrommolybdenum steel tubes
PropellerComposite, 3 blades
Take off distance200m (656ft)
Landing distance150m (492ft)


The gyroplane supporting structure is welded of steel tubes 25crmo4 NBK which at a low weight ensures high rigidity and safety of the structure.

In the production of the tail part and the cabin, composite materials of carbon fibres of sandwich structure were used.

Fly with the most modern gyroplane

We fly because flying frees the mind. We think to be able to fly.

NISUS is made up so that you can fly with a free mind.

NISUS is the idea of flying.

Our values

Lowering CO impact by replacing helicopters which are more expensive to maintain and operate.

Minimal production waste.

JokerTrike uses renewable sources for their full production.

Equality on all levels.

The elite of the new era of gyroplanes

NISUS belongs among the elite of the new era of gyroplanes.

After the experience of gyroplane operation, the company Jokertrike has developed it to meet all the demanding requirements for excellent flight characteristics and yet unprecedented comfort for the crew. 

WHY NISUS? Gaming becomes real.

NISUS gives you the ability and agility to learn to fly! It is effortless to pilot.
Thanks to its compact design, you can take it anywhere you want and stow it in a small space. 
An all weather aircraft with great performance.

NISUS should be flown and enjoyed either as your own-special type of transportation to destinations you desire or as your professional flying companion for numerous monitoring, surveillance and safety purposes.

Enjoy your ride with the ability of closed and compact side-by-side cockpit, offering great internal habitability and panoramic views.

“Take advantage of this extraordinary machine"

Optional equipment

Interior (optional)

Garmin / Kanardia instruments

Avionics of your choice on demand

Headset Bose / CPG

Flocked interior

Cabin upholstery - car leatherette/leather/alcantara

Luggage compartment / lockable box


Fire extinguisher

Travel bags

Exterior (optional)

Adjustable / Constant speed propeller

Metallic or RAL paint of your choice

Landing lights

Smoked plexiglass

Sun visor

Protective covers for body/rotor/propeller

Custom stickers

Engines (optional)

ROTAX 915 iS (141 hp)

ROTAX 916 iS (160 hp)

EP 912 Sti (154 hp)

MW Fly Spirit 160 (160 hp)